FOIA VistA SemiVivA 20060113 available

FOIAVistA SemiVivA 20060113 is now available and can be downloaded from Source Forge ( A SemiVivA package is an installation of VistA that is bundled with GT.M and ready for use if you alreay have a PC running Linux.

Assuming that the distribution file is downloaded on your PC as /Distrib/VistA/FOIAVistASemiVivA20060113.tgz, you can install it with the following commands which must be executed as root:

cd /usr/local
tar zxvf /Distrib/VistA/FOIAVistASemiVivA20060113.tgz

This OpenVistA SemiVivA is slightly different from (i.e., hopefully better than) its predecessors.

When OpenVistA SemiVivA 20060113 is installed on your PC in a development environment, the intent is that the files distributed with this release will not normally be modified (unless, for example, you move to a new GT.M release and need to recompile and generate new object files) - please read for a discussion of the model.

This OpenVistA SemiVivA comes pre-configured as a Release. You can still use the "vista" script to demo VistA, but I expect that you are more likely to use the "install" script to set up integration and development environments and the "run" script thence to run an installed environment.

This OpenVistA also comes able to handle a direct connection from a CPRS GUI, as well as the latest CPRS GUI itself the program CPRSChart.exe in /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060113/CPRS_Gui). To enable an installed environment to handle a CPRS GUI connection request, you will need to do the following:

1. Choose a port, e.g., 9297.

2. Identify the environment to handle the connection, and the userid for the server process (e.g., /home/kbhaskar/myVistA and kbhaskar).

3. Add 2 lines to /etc/services, thus:

cprs-gui 9297/tcp
cprs-gui 9297/udp

The second line is not required, but it is traditional to reserve TCP and UDP ports together.

4. Determine whether you are running inetd or xinetd as the "Internet superserver". If you are running inetd, you will need a line such as the following in your inetd.conf:

cprs-gui stream tcp nowait kbhaskar /home/kbhaskar/myVistA/cprs_direct

If you are running xinetd, you will need something like:

service cprs-gui
disable = no
socket_type = stream
wait = no
user = kbhaskar
server = /home/kbhaskar/myVistA/cprs_direct

(I don't use xinetd, so the above is my guess as to what the entry should be.)

5. Restart inetd/xinetd (on Debian GNU/Linux systems, this is a line like /etc/init.d/inetd restart).

6. You may need to configure your firewall to allow connections on port 9297.

A CPRS GUI client should now be able to connect. If you have wine installed on your Linux machine, you can try running the CPRS GUI on Linux with (one line, look out for line breaks):

wine /usr/local/FOIAVistA20060113/CPRS_Gui/CPRSChart.exe s=localhost p=9297 SPLASH=OFF CCOW=DISABLE

Good luck.

I promised to document the process of creating a SemiVivA package from a FOIA release, and I have copious notes that I need to convert into something readable. I will do that after I create FOIAVistA VivA 20060113.

-- Bhaskar

Posted by K.S. Bhaskar 2006-01-26

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