And AOL members don't have skill? heh well some of us do *raises hand*.  
anyways heh after spending hours last night on irc talking and chatting I
found that out but i'm also helping out with xclient so this should be fun :)

In a message dated 3/31/2001 5:47:15 AM Eastern Standard Time,

If I may say this as a lurker, KallDrexx is really asking a question;
And the answer is IMHO:
   No, WorldForge does not have a ready-to-use MMORPG creation kit to
offer right now.

I myself have not been able to put together a decent acorn environment.
I really look forward to your release for that Linux event.

On the plus side, the WorldForge engines under development have many unique
features that you won't find anywhere else.

To answer/explain the AOLness statement: WorldForge lives from members that
contribute. My impression is that in order to do
that, right now you have to hook up with the players in worldforge using
irc or email. You would also need a small amount of
hacking skills, in the sense of being able to work around technical