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I'm still here

I just have been pretty busy lately.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-11-20

Player actions

A first step towards player specific actions is done. Player interface (the left pane) was changed to have 4 tabs. The 4th one will show actions currently available for the player. Actions may be learnt from books. It's not completed yet, but I'm making a steady progress on this.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-08-16

Item actions

Item actions infrastructure enables attaching actions to item types. When an item becomes active actions available for this items are displayed for the owner. Currently actions can only be linked to item types and not to individual items.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-07-26

1000 registered users

The game still not playable. Things currently being developed:
1. New and improved fight system.
2. Item actions basis.
3. Player actions basis.
4. Books in the context of item and player actions.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-07-23


Please express your opinion in this forum thread:

Posted by Igor G. 2005-06-27

Interface changes: player view

I started a process of changing the player view, which is the left upper frame. The new one will include bigger item slots, two new tabs for knowledges and actions (i havn't come up with the design for these yet) and changes in the toolbar (probably one "wear" button will go).
I'm also continue working on the knowledge-action system.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-06-22

Safari and the 7th World

The game does not work with Safari browser. I have no time to start figuring out the cause. I'm really sorry. There could be the same problem with Konqueror.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-06-07

Changes in the knowledge part of the mind map

You can find it here:
Image size is about 450K

Posted by Igor G. 2005-05-29

I'll be off until May 28

Going on business trip for my legacy work.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-05-16

Problems replying to users

I've been recently having problems replying to users. So if you want to contact me please use either the project forums or send a message NOT through the interface as it puts your user ID in a reply-to header and then when I reply back it doesn't work.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-05-08

Working on resources

You are welcome to discuss the topic on the forum.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-05-05

New location: Tool Shop

This location is available now. Also there were numerous code changes so you might want to update your local source repository.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-05-01

New location: Portal

Portal is able to momentarily relocate a player to one of destinations available in the specific portal.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-04-22

Changes and fixes

1. Fixed some minor bugs.
2. Added fight watchng.
3. Added duel fighter bot type.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-04-16

New location: Training Hall

This is the first version. Each training hall can have different skill groups available for training.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-04-11

Mind Map

I'm considering whether to choose this way as a primary documentation management method for the project. The current mind map file is available from the CVS (doc/ To open it use a free tool called FreeMind (

Posted by Igor G. 2005-04-06

600 registered users barrier

I'm currently working on the skill training location.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-04-03

Initial skill system implementation

The sources have been changed to support the very initial skill system. Therefore the test server may be unstable.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-29

The sources

The current version of the sources in CVS will compile but most likely won't work. I'm in process of changing things because of the skill system implementation task. Sorry.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-17

Skill system

Started working on the subject.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-14

Getting started doc update

I've updated the getting started document. It's available as a release (for download) and as a document in the project's document section.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-10

New fight scheme

Initial implementation is ready and is being tested. We need to extend the game model now.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-07


The sources in the CVS won't compile. Sorry for inconvenience.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-03-02

Changes in DB

I've made a lot of changes in the database structure so the server may complain about incorrect DB usage. I will fix the problem soon.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-01-28

Working on the new fight scheme

I'm here and working on the subject.

Posted by Igor G. 2005-01-27

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