I agree, and I've brought this issue up in the past as I work in design and the notices will literally make me loose window focus mid action. Quite mode as you mention is too quite.

Christian Magill

On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 9:56 AM, Mark Jones <authentic8@gmail.com> wrote:
I love Workrave conceptually - the idea of microbreaks and rest breaks
and the configurability which I can't find in other apps.

However, I'd like to suggest what could be a very small change to the
break feature.

I find normal mode much too annoying (resulting in me, after a few hours
of using it, sometimes wanting to punch the screen which isn't good for
my health or work ;-D ). It disrupts my chain of thought (my work is
very thought intensive and requires concentration) and blocks my vision
of what I am typing when I really don't want that. I inevitably end up
turning Workrave off which is harmful to my health because I typically
will then just continue on working without taking any breaks.

Alternatively, using quiet mode (which is a great idea) I don't notice
any breaks at all which defeats the purpose of running the software. I
presume the purpose of quiet mode is not to be ignored but to be just
less intrusive.

I'd like to suggest a middle ground between normal mode and quiet mode
(which could itself replace the way quiet mode currently works). Just
cause the systray app to flash noticeably - say, a red border / icon or
similar - but in a way that work can continue uninterrupted if it needs
to be but just enough to not be ignored. Alternatively, make use of the
standard Windows and Ubuntu system alerts which are both prominent
enough not to ignore but not prominent enough to disrupt work flow if
that's not wanted.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 (and Windows occasionally). On Ubuntu the colour
of the icon changes to orange but I just don't notice it and it's not
clear to me what breaks are currently in effect or how to indicate that
I am taking one.

Many thanks for one of my most valued programs.


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