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Working on Version 3

I know what you may be thinking! "That was fast!" But I realized that there's quite allot of things I could add on to the Randomizer.
Anywho, the latest version includes a file called "output.txt" in which the randomized words are stored. This makes it simpler for most people because I know that on some computers the terminal doesn't show the entire output if it's too big. And so I decided to save it all in a file.
Now the only problem with the file is that it doesn't separate the words so I recommend at the beginning of your randomized words, you make sure the letter is capitalized.
As for the location of the file, it should be in the folder where your account is. So my account name for my laptop is ARKAM so it's going to be under C:/ARKAM .
Alright, that's it for now but expect another update soon! :)... read more

Posted by Arkam Abdulwahid Mazrui 2012-04-20 Labels: Version 3

The executable version complete

I am happy to announce that the executable version of the program is no more in demo, but complete now. So now I recommend only downloading the executable version (although you can download the ruby version too if you want [if you're on an operating system apart from Windows this is really helpful]).
Now the only glitch that hasn't been fixed yet is the repeat of already shown words. I'm still trying to figure this out but for now you're gonna have to live with it. But I will continue to try to find a solution to this.... read more

Posted by Arkam Abdulwahid Mazrui 2012-04-19 Labels: Executable no longer in demo

Upcoming update

I've recently found out that the randomizer repeats itself sometimes when it comes to randomizing... I will make sure this is fixed by the next update which is sometime this or next week. But it's not a MAJOR problem and the program still gets you the right words by scrambling so no one should have any real problems with the program.

Posted by Arkam Abdulwahid Mazrui 2012-04-09

Randomizer Update!

A new update has been released and some minor problems have been solved; although the executable version is still in beta.

Posted by Arkam Abdulwahid Mazrui 2012-04-09

Don't Be Shy!

If everyone could help the project and try the executable version I'd really appreciate it! :D
Send any feedback on it.

Posted by Arkam Abdulwahid Mazrui 2012-04-07