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More tutorial modules

The first part of "Comparative Phonology Using Wordcorr" has been posted on Rice University's Connexions Web site as http://cnx.org/content/col10351/latest. It is put out in incomplete form so that interested people can comment on the presentation so far using Connexion's discussion forum link at the end of each module in the tutorial.

"Installing Wordcorr" is also available as http://cnx.org/content/col10339/latest.

Posted by Joseph E. Grimes 2006-05-14


Somebody must be using Wordcorr. As of 2005-05-30, we have 186 downloads of Wordcorr itself, 63 of the test data collections, and 25 of the utility programs. SourceForge's counters were out of commission for several months so we didn't know. Now we're up to date.

Posted by Joseph E. Grimes 2005-05-31

Test data, spreadsheet utility for Wordcorr

Two files of functional test data are now available on SourceForge. The same files can be used to familiarize new users with Wordcorr, since they contain natural language data and partial annotations that have been tabulated. Linguists who have their data on a spreadsheet can transfer them to the spreadsheet template now on SourceForge as a utility, then run the included Python script to produce an XML file that Wordcorr can import.

Posted by Joseph E. Grimes 2004-12-30

Wordcorr 2

The production release of Wordcorr is ready for download. It comes in two flavors: "install" for first time users, 20 meg including a copy of the Java Runtime environment placed where Wordcorr will know how to find it, and "upgrade", 7 meg, for users with an earlier release already installed. The Data House crew have done a great job of wrapping up their part of the NSF-funded project. From here on out it's in the Open Source community.

Posted by Joseph E. Grimes 2004-11-05