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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to Help

    • Sunil Sahadeo Zanjad

      I am interested in converting MS Word Document into a Text File on Linux Operating System.
      Could someone guide me on the steps with a example ?

    • Andrew Milton

      Andrew Milton - 2001-09-27
    • William McKee

      William McKee - 2001-12-07

      I cannot seem to locate the precompiled binaries. Are these still available? If so, where?


    • André LAGADEC

      André LAGADEC - 2002-09-27


      On one of our server, we use word2x to parse DOC document for indexing
      web site.
      But with some files, the program word2x hang all the CPU of the server
      and the parse
      doesn't progress.

      When I use word2x, on the command line with the same parameters that the
      use, word2x qmin01.doc -, it works !

      Our server is a Sun Ultra Entreprise 450 at 400 MHz with Solaris 5.7,
      512 M RAM.

      I try to consult "FAQ", "know bug list" and "word2x development" pages,
      but when I
      clic on these links I get an error page with file not found.

      Can you help me ?


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