#23 Error: 4120


Hi and cogratulations to the developers of Word2MediaWikiPlus for the great work. I've been using the Macro for all sorts of word documents and it seems to work fine in most cases.

The problem i have is with some complex documents with text, tables and images. I get the following error:

MediaWikiExtract_Images Html ErrorNo: 4120 Bad Parameter

The result is that all text and tables are converted and copied to the clipboard, but the image conversion process doesn't start.

I thought it was a problem regarding the number of images in a document, or the size of these images. This doesn't seem to be the case since if i copy all of the images (excluding text) of the original ducment that gave the error in a blank word document and start the conversion process everything works and all images are uploaded without errors. Converting first the text and then the images in a separate document takes a lot of time so I was wondering what the problem was.

Can someone help me?

Thank you. Luigi


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    For help plese contact me at luigidemicco at gmail.com

  • Christian

    Christian - 2008-04-14

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    My guess would be that the macro is using some enum (like wdFloatOverText) that isn't defined in your version of Word. Can you tell me which version of Word you are using and possibly attach the image that is causing the problem? Alternately, could you try stepping through the macro and determining what line causes the error?


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