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WOPR, version 0.1.0 is out !!

After several months of inactivity the first stable version has finaly been released. Check on http://wopr.sourceforge.net/ for the complete news article.

Posted by mamichel 2005-02-28

WOPR, screenshots

Even though WOPR has no graphical user interface, I've added two screenshots showing the log of two WOPR instances running the example.
Since there is no documentation yet, this can help people understand how WOPR works.

Posted by mamichel 2004-11-27

WOPR, new source released

- Added facility so a remote WOPR instance can download classes from another one (see roadmap phase 3).
- Added an embedded http server (jetty) used as a class/file server.
- Added startup scripts.
- Added a new jar (wopr-library.jar) which will contain standard modules and example modules.
- Seperated the tests from the main code. The test code is now is a seperated ant project.

Posted by mamichel 2004-11-27

WOPR, sources updated

WOPR is a simple message-passing distributed object development framework for java, based on RMI. It organizes an application into several interconnected modules - a module can be viewed as a remote thread with several input and output message queues.

For this release the following changes have been done. Moved all CORBA interfaces to RMI, access to rmiregistry through JNDI, completed CLI missing commands and improved the ant scripts.

Posted by mamichel 2004-10-17

WOPR alpha, sources and web site updated

WOPR is now able to automatically deploy projects and modules to remote WOPR instances.

Posted by mamichel 2004-09-20

Sources updated

New features include a Command Line Interpreter and support for Cos Name Service.

Posted by mamichel 2004-08-15

Problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer...

It seems there is an issue with the web site with Microsoft Internet Explorer (on windows as well as on Mac). grrrr !!
I've tested the site on Safari, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera without any problems though...
So by the time I correct that, use a worthy browser ;-)

Posted by mamichel 2004-08-01

The sources have been released.

The sources have been released.

Posted by mamichel 2004-07-31

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