Why the second AjaxUpdateContainer have no id ?

What is it purpose if it is empty ?


On 07/gen/2013, at 17:14, Andrea Pulese <apulese@bestunion.com> wrote:

Hi all , I'm a new WebObject developer.
I'm trying to write some piece of code by using Ajax technology.
The components has been written in this way :

The main container contains one AjaxUpdateContainer and a component
called LinksContainer which contains a link.
                <webobject name = "LinksContainer"/>
                <webobject name = "Container">

LinkContainer code :
<div id = "linksContainer">
        <webobject name = "Link1"> link </webobject>

Link1 : AjaxUpdateLink {
        action = getSiteListComponent;
        updateContainerID = "rootContainer";

The LinkContainer component return a new component called
SiteListComponent containing a mask of search criteria. and also
another ajax update container.
<div id = "siteListComponent">
        <webobject name = "CriteriaComponent"/>
        <webobject name = "AjaxContainer"/>

CriteriaComponent : CriteriaComponent {

AjaxContainer : AjaxUpdateContainer {

CriteriaComponent code:

<div id = "criteriaComponent">
        <webobject name = "CriteriaForm">
                                <td><webobject name = "FieldName"/></td>
                                <td><webobject name = "FieldSurname"/></td>
                                <td><webobject name = "Search"/></td>

CriteriaForm : WOForm {

FieldName : WOTextField {
        value = fieldName;

FieldSurname : WOTextField {
        value = fieldSurname;

After clicking the search button I aspected that the second
AjaxUpdateContainer would be refreshed with the new component but a
javascript error occurs.
wonder.js:420 TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating
I have attached the eclipse workspace containing the entire example.

Best Regards
Andrea Pulese
<TestComponent 2.zip>------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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