Hi Anil,

In my application, I ended up writing a factory to produce the custom URLs that I needed (it got kind of complicated after a point).  I think that you will need to replace/implement _rewriteURL in your Application class.  I think the pattern replacing there now will not be sufficient for your needs.


On 2014-05-09, 3:39 PM, "Anil Bajaj" wrote:

Hi Chuck,

My rule is:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /cgi-bin/WebObjects/Foodie.woa/wa/m?m=$1 [L,PT]

The initial redirect is fine, it's just the links on the resulting page, which are also direct action links going to the same page, they end up displaying in the longer form.


On May 9, 2014, at 3:25 PM, Chuck Hill <chill@global-village.net> wrote:

Hi Anil,

It should not do that, it sounds like you might be redirecting.  My rules look like this:

# Any hit to /uniqname/foo gets passed to a section
RewriteRule    ^/(.+)/(.+) /cgi-bin/WebObjects/GVCSiteMaker.woa/wa/displaySection?site=$1&section=$2    [last,passthrough]

And preserve what the user put into the URL.

What do your rules look like?


On 2014-05-09, 3:19 PM, "Anil Bajaj" wrote:


I've setup a mod_rewrite rule to rewrite a simple URL to a WebObjects direct action, like

This works fine except the browser displays the long URL, instead of the short URL, as expected.

Is there anyway, using either ERXApplication._rewriteURL or ERXApplication.replaceApplicationPath properties, to display the short URL that includes the username param that was originally passed into the direct action query and display something like mydomain.com/<username>.

All the documentation/examples I've seen are of the type where replaced URL is always static i.e the App name.


Anil Bajaj
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