The only difference between my 2 projects is the classpath:
1st, working project, has references to WOFramework/* WebObjects/Wonder framework and custom jar entries.
2nd, problematic project, has got only jar entries for everything.

Hm, I followed the instructions, but added only "build/myproject.woa/Contents/Resources/Java" dir to run configuration classpath. Didn't help.

Should I also include my WebObjects/Wonder projects in run conf? WOLips properties file points to their location though.

Not sure where to start looking for mistakes. Advices are very appreciated! 


On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 12:25 AM, Lachlan Deck <lachlan.deck@gmail.com> wrote:
Have you followed the setup guide?

See recent maven help discussion here:

If you have and still have problems… what exactly have you done?

Btw, most traffic is on the webobjects-dev apple list.

On 09/10/2012, at 6:21 AM, Gintautas Sulskus <gingaz@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> first of all, my apologies, if this is a duplicate message, as I could not find any evidence that my previous post was submitted successfully.
> I wanted to ask you, is it possible to have a working combination
> of WOLips and Maven3?
> What I want to achieve is:
> 1. dependency management in pom.xml
>   - OK (everything rests in Maven repos)
> 2. "Existing Maven project" import to Eclipse
>   - OK (imports and builds without errors)
> 3. building woapplication with maven
>   - OK (builds and runs)
> 4. development from Eclipse
> In my imported project I have two libraries on my classpath:
> JRE System Lib 1.6
> Maven Dependencies (containts WebObjects, Wonder and other jar's in M2_REPO)
> If I set dependencies manually to refer to standard locations
> /Libraries/frameworks etc - it works without a problem:
> I get the whole list of set properties and the procet runs.
> However, if I import my project as a maven project and use Jars from M2 repo
> I suspect it fails to pick up configuration settings:
> 1. I get many "Can't get path when run as jar" errors,
> 2. Get no current settings output
> 3. In the end crashes with exception:
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: An object store for the entity "XXX"
> could not be found. Verify that the entity is defined in an EOModel,
> and that the model is installed properly. To see what models are loaded,
> you can try printing the return value of EOModelGroup.defaultGroup()
> in your application.
> What could be the cause? I'm am struggling with this problem for days now and
> can't find the solution.
> My Dev Environment:
> OSX 10.8.2
> Eclipse 3.7
> WOLips 3.7.20121007.34
> WebObjects 5.4.3
> Wonder 5.7
> Maven 3.0.4 (and maven-wolifecycle-plugin 2.1)
> Thank you in advance!
> Gintas.
> PS. I cheated a little bit in order to overcome
> "Can't get path when run as jar" problem
> and inserted a quick code:
> if(bundle != null && bundle.isJar()) {
>     try{
>           URL url = new URL(bundle.bundlePathURL() + "!/Resources/Properties");
>           path = url.getFile();
>       } catch(Exception e){
>     }
> }
> Now it started to pick up all the properties settings, but it didn't change
> anything (the exception).  It was just an experiment after all.
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Best Regards,
Gintautas Sulskus