I defined an ajax modal container. 
The component that represent the content pop up is executed correctly but the pop up doesn't appear.
After looking the javascript console I have noticed this error ReferenceError: Can't find variable: iBox.
Please could you give me some suggestion ?

 <webobject name = "AssignCards">

     <webobject name = "SiteAssignmentCardsForm">

         <webobject name = "SiteEditAssignCardsContentPopUpComponent"/>



SiteAssignmentCardsForm : WOForm {


AssignCards : AjaxModalContainer {

label = "Assign Cards";

width = 500;

height = 500;

title = "Assign Cards";

class = "altButton";


SiteEditAssignCardsContentPopUpComponent contains the business logic that fetch the data from database and put them inside a table.

It's works fine.

Best Regards

Andrea Pulese