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Wollabot 0.3.0 is here!

This version now comes with a completely new API that makes definition of custom modules much easier, and without any limits at all. Furthermore a great step has been taken on the documentation side of the project. The core now uses SmartIRC for interacting with IRC servers. It comes bundled with a module for looking up prototypes for functions in the PHP programming language and a Google lookup function using the Google SOAP API.

Posted by Christian Jřrgensen 2003-09-28

Wollabot project is not dead

As some might have noticed - a lack of updates has been going on. This is due to a lot of stress at work. If you're willing to join the project - come to #wollabot at irc.quakenet.org and talk to me :-)

Posted by Christian Jřrgensen 2003-02-12

0.2.2 is out

In this release the socket code has been completely rewritten to use non-blocking sockets for maximum performance. Furthermore configuration is now done in an external file providing much more clearness to the configuration. This also gives you the opportunity to load certain modules for a specific channel. There is also three new bundled modules.

Posted by Christian Jřrgensen 2002-08-09

First public release

I have released the first public version of wollabot today.

Posted by Christian Jřrgensen 2002-08-05