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2.4 Edition "2.4.20-WOLK4.11s" available !!

Server Edition of WOLK since it was splitted into 2 parts for v4.

Highlights since v4.*:

- IDE backport from 2.4.25/.24/.23/.22/.21 + fixes
- IDE Canterwood support
- IDE SATA support (including Promise)
- rmap15l
- grsecurity v1.9.14
- vservers (ctx) v17
- CIPE v1.5.4
- Systrace v1.2
- Linux Trustees v2.10
- PSPA v2.4.19-16
- RSBAC v1.2.2
- PPP Microsoft encryption/compression (MPPE/MPPC) v0.96
- Encrypting ethernet bridge
- ebtales (firewalling) for ethernet bridge
- shm-largepages (BigPages)
- Very tuned O(1) Scheduler from -aa tree
- AIO-20 (from latest -aa tree)
- epoll v0.65
- ReiserFS speedups
- ReiserFS data logging v36aa + all known ReiserFS fixes
- ReiserFS Quota
- TONS of fixes for bugs present in vanilla kernels
- Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) Support
- Hangcheck {Timer|Comp|Thread|Delay}
- IBM Advanced System Management Service Processor support
- Intel VTune Support
- preempt v2.4.20-ac + SMP/memory leak fixes
- Low Latency Fixes
- HostAP v0.0.4
- recent AGP updates to support bleeding edge chipsets

Good things since WOLK:

- IP Virtual Server support v1.0.10
- IP Virtual Servers additional stuff including:
static_routes, alt_routes, nf_reroute, arprules
rp_filter_mask, hidden, forward_shared
- OpenS/WAN v1.0.1
- IP stealth
- IP AntiDote2 (ARP attack detector)
- Cryptography support (CryptoAPI) v2.4.20-1
- Netfilter Addons for IPv4 and IPv6
- IMQ Target/Device
- Prioritized Accept Queue
- Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) v2
- LVM v1.0.8
- Device-mapper (LVM2)
- CiFS v0.8.7
- OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System) most recent version
- XFS v1.3 Final
- kdb v4.3
- NTFS v2.1.4a
- /proc/config.gz support
- /proc/ikconfig support
- TONS of extra Network-/ SCSI Card Drivers
- Memory Pools (also included in 2.5 for a long time)
- Cap Processor Usage (limit (by percentage) for a given task via userspace tool)
- ACPI v2003-05-12
- all known security fixes
- all known filesystem fixes
- ...

Almost all of the above is configurable at compile time!
So if you don't need one or more features, just leave
them out at configure time =) ... Only O(1), rmap15,
AIO and epoll are static additions!

All unstable / very experimental patches have been
removed from this edition They will be available in the
Workstation Edition of wolk4.0w.

Lots, _really_ lots of code fixes and cleanups were also made.

Although this is named Server Edition it is also perfectly
suitable for your desktop and for sure for all of your
servers. It's stable, fast, rock solid and very secure.

Have fun!

Posted by Marc-Christian Petersen 2004-02-25

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