Where is 2.2.26-WOLK2.0?

  • Erkki Ruohtula

    Erkki Ruohtula - 2004-08-17

    I noticed this release listed in the SF "Files" section, but there is onl the changelog, no patches or tarballs. Is it really released?

    • Marc-Christian Petersen

      Hi Erkki,

      not yet, I have to release it this week, this time for real.

      ciao, Marc

    • Erkki Ruohtula

      Erkki Ruohtula - 2004-08-24

      Some problems still? I notice the date of  the 2.2.26-WOLK2.0 entry has got updated, but there is only the changelog file as before.

    • Axel Reinhold

      Axel Reinhold - 2004-09-13

      Hi Mark,

      is there a release date for 2.2.26-WOLK?


    • Marc-Christian Petersen

      Hi Erkki, Hi Axel,

      I'm very sorry that I did not have the time to maintain 2.2-wolk for a long time now. I'll release 2.2.26-WOLK2.0 this weekend, and this time for sure. I know, I already said that but I had lots of other things to do, private life etc. ... Blablabla, in short: This weekend :)

      Thanks alot for your patience.

      ciao, Marc

    • Marc-Christian Petersen

      I'm still fixing a bug I wasn't able to fix the weekend :(
      Hopefully this evening I am ready.

      ciao, Marc


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