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1.0.2 is now released

WolfStat 1.0.2 mostly adds better support for RTCW:ET. WolfStat now uses XML config files to name map weapon, team and player models to descriptive strings. This allows users to add support for additional game
mods simply by creating a new XML file.

With this release I consider the RTCW:ET support to be implemented. Ofcource there is probably still some bugs.

This release will render old statistics useless since the format of the dat files has been changed.

Posted by Pontus Ullgren 2003-07-31

Releases 0.9.2 and 1.0.1

Two new realeases.
The first 0.9.2 should fixe some bugs with comments in the config file and also has a little bit better error handeling with missing logfiles.

Release 1.0.1 is a devel release (should not be used in production ;-P) . It includes support for the RTCW:ET weapons. Hopefully the list is now complete. I will start woking on support for modules.

Only general comments here.
Support request and Bugs in the trackers please.

Posted by Pontus Ullgren 2003-07-02

RTCW:ET support in CVS

RTCW:ET support is now beeing implemented into the CVS (MAIN branch). It is not fully supported but it is a beginning. Please check-out and try it out.
Yet to be implemented: Model regognition and a few weapons.

Latest bugfixes in the stable branch is under the rel_0_9_1 tag.

Posted by Pontus Ullgren 2003-07-01

WolfStat now on SourceForge

WolfStat is now hosted by SorceForge.Net.

I would like to start with a big thanks to Hampus for all the work he has put into WolfStat up until now. He felt it was time to move on and (since RTCW and RTCW:ET is now available for Linux) I felt it was time to start gaming again =).

My primary mission (after I'm settled in) is to start implementation support for RTCW:ET and to get a nice build structure for Linux and other POSIX systems.... read more

Posted by Pontus Ullgren 2003-06-26

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