#1 Wolf3d s60 v0.82 (full)


Hi Laurie,

I noticed that you have fixed the launcher error, I
have tested the shareware versions of SOD and Wolf3d
on my N-Gage QD and they work fine, however the Full
version of Wolf 3d won't start.

Opening the program from the launcher no longer
produces the system error, the game looks as if it is
going to start but after a few seconds of thinking it
returns to the Nokia Menus without any error.

Not sure if this is a bug or simply limitations of
the phone.

I installed it on a memory card on my N-Gage QD (as
with the shareware versions) My Device memory shows
2726 Kb free, I'm not sure if this is enough, but
everything on the phone is installed on the memory
card (not the device) so as to save device memory.


Andrew (elminster@dodo.com.au)


  • Laurie Bradshaw

    Laurie Bradshaw - 2006-01-30
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  • Laurie Bradshaw

    Laurie Bradshaw - 2006-01-30

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    This is probably caused by corrupted or incomplete game
    data. The game is probably 'helpfully' informing you
    exactly what the problem is to a non-existant console
    (yeah, I should probably recode console output to a log or
    something). I can currently only suggest that you try a
    different copy of the game data (assuming you have an
    original copy, I don't think downloading a game you already
    own a copy of is illegal).

    I don't think this is due to lack of memory, as that would
    most likely raise a KERN-EXEC-3 error (you'd see an error

    You also seem to be confusing device memory with RAM, the
    device memory is simply the internal storage capacity
    (non-volatile) of the phone, RAM is system memory
    (volatile), and is separate from this - if you want to know
    how much free RAM you have, try using fexplorer or


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