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--- a/dist/bin/dump-mysql.sh
+++ b/dist/bin/dump-mysql.sh
@@ -60,13 +60,15 @@
 legacy="${lsenses} ${lsensemaps} ${lsynsetmaps} ${lcomputedsynsetmaps}"
 vn="vnclasses vnclassmembers vngroupings vngroupingmaps vnrolemaps vnroles vnroletypes vnselrestrs vnselrestrtypes vnframemaps vnframes vnframenames vnframesubnames vnsemantics vnsyntaxes vnpredicatemaps vnpredicates vnexamplemaps vnexamples" 
-xwn="xwnparselfts xwnwsds"
 bnc="bncs bncimaginfs bncconvtasks bncspwrs"
 sumo="sumofiles sumoformulas sumoterms sumotermattrs sumomaps sumoparsemaps"
+xwn="xwnparselfts xwnwsds"
 # D O M A I N S
-extensions="legacy vn xwn bnc sumo logs"
+extensions="legacy vn bnc sumo xwn glf iflwn logs"
 domains="wn ${extensions}"
 # F U N C T I O N S

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