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WndLpt Improvements:
* New: Music Visualization (test)
* New: Preview LEDs

Posted by Anonymous 2009-06-20

WndLpt-0.2.2 release

* New: Command line support
* New: Documentation added (wiki)
* Fixed: Bug with comments //

Posted by Anonymous 2009-04-23

WndLpt Wiki Started

WndLpt Wiki was started
Content: Instructions list, Commands Description, Syntax, Examples.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-03-14

WndLpt mirror

WndLpt mirror with some examples of scripts can be found here

Posted by Anonymous 2009-02-19

WndLpt and OS support

Supported OS: Windows 9x/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Seven
Platforms: 32/64-bit (x86/x64) (x64: AMD64 - Yes, IA64 - No)

Posted by Anonymous 2009-02-19

Additional feautures of WndLpt

* You can Drag-n-Drop another script to WndLpt window.
* On startup without command line arguments WndLpt trying to run a script "autorun.txt".
* The window can be hidden and shown using the context menu icon in the taskbar.
* On F6 performed: read script from file, compile, run.
* On F11 - Step mode. On F5 - Continue.
* In the directory "scripts" you can find some training examples.
* The script stops when it detects errors in it.
Unessential errors errors will be ignored.
* Script is ANSI or Unicode text. Maximum script file size restricted by 64 kB for reasons of common sense.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-02-19

Fast Start with WndLpt

* Just run wndlpt.exe
* Drag-n-Drop text file with script to WndLpt window.
* Script will be automatically compiled and runned. JUST ALL!
* Now look at the LEDs or other devices connected to LPT port.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-02-19