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Wmufo 1.2.0 Released

Now using GDK2 (GTK2) libraries.

This should have been released months ago, but I wanted to get the session management working. Unfortunately it still doesn't. It is there as an option though...

Next version will be a Gnome applet.

Posted by Alan Swanson 2004-01-25

Wmufo 1.0.0 Released

This is wmseti on steroids!

This application contains the same statistic
display as wmseti but with animation instead of
alien faces. Imagine a flowing starfield, a
spinning saucer UFO and various alpha blended
glowing ball UFOs travelling back and forth across
the window.

Posted by Alan Swanson 2002-03-12

Wmseti 1.0.0 Released

Wmseti 1.0.0 has been released.

This version is a merge of the fork created by Alan Swanson.

The code has been rewritten and new features added.

Posted by Alan Swanson 2001-12-08

New maintainer: Alan Swanson

Owing to Alan's much more interesting code and cool features in his version of wmseti, I'm happily handing over maintenance of the wmseti code to Alan Swanson. All I ever wanted to do was ensure that wmseti would work with the latest version of the SETI@home client--Alan has taken this nifty little dockapp a lot further. Go Alan!

Posted by Dan Scott 2001-12-06

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