David Lyon - 2007-07-28

Hi there,

All my m4a files are being added improperly in WMP11, as demonstrated below:

The Album Artist tag is being overwritten by the Artist tag, which malfunctions and removes all the spaces and semi-colons from multiple artist values.

Title: "Teardrops", Album Artist: "Elton John", Artist: "Elton John; Lang K.D." becomes:
Title: "Teardrops", Album Artist: "Elton JohnLang K.D.", Artist: "Elton JohnLangK.D."

The semicolon, along with its accompanying space, is missed out, even though it is present in the tag data. MP3 files work fine, only m4a files exhibit problems. Using the "Edit" command can be used to correct the files, although it is time-consuming, and does not write the change to the file, instead storing it in the WMP database. If the file is deleted from the library, and readded, it reverts to its incorrect form. The Advanced Tag Editor is also greyed out.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.