Won't add FLAC to library

  • Ben

    Ben - 2006-09-12

    I've installed both v1.1 and 9.9.4 in WMP10/MCE2005 and I simply cannot add FLAC files to my media library.  When I try through WMP, it says it found the files but they do not appear in the library.  MP3 works fine.  Please help!


    Ben Bell
    Toronto, Canada

    • M@B

      M@B - 2006-09-12

      Which version of Flac are you using ?
      If you don't know, then which program are you using to encode your files in the Flac format and what are the parameters you use to do so ?

      Then, which version of Windows do you use, and which version of WMP do you use (preciselly with the build number if it is WMP10) ?

      When you say "i try through WMP, is says it found the files", what do you mean ?
      Where does WMP signal that he found it and how ?

      What are you calling "the library" ? WMP Media Library or MCE2005 library ?

      Sorry but i need more information///;)


    • TEIF

      TEIF - 2007-05-05

      I have the same problem. Using V.1.4 in WMP11.0.5721.5212

      I used the same plugin and media in Vista and it worked fine, now back in XP SP2, nothing. The FLAC shows up in the library, but untagged, so nothing really works with it, just the filename is shown.

      The media is played via a mapped network drive, could this be the problem? Thanks.

    • Danny

      Danny - 2007-12-24

      I had this same issue until I manually registered the dll as follows:

      To register WMPTSE:
      Open a command window and paste in: cd C:\Program Files\piPOol\Windows Media Player Tag Support Extender then register the dll by pasting the following text in: regsvr32 WMPTagSupportExtender.dll




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