Vista x64 - WMP11 64-bit doesn't show plug-in

  • Mocker

    Mocker - 2007-05-24

    When I installed WMPTSE on Vista x64 the install went fine, but the plug-in doesn't show up for the 64 bit version of windows media player only in the options for the 32 bit version. Is there anyway to manually install/associate the plug-in with WMP 64-bit?

    • M@B

      M@B - 2007-05-28

      WMPTSE has not been compiled for x86-64 platform...

      And i must add that WMP11 has some important limitations on the DirectShow Codec front (mostly lack of seeking for anything except MS supported format...)

      If you do insist, i can compile it for x86-64 but i m not sur it would help at all...


      • Mocker

        Mocker - 2007-05-30

        I would appreciate it if you could compile it for x64. I know there is no guarantee it would work but I would like to try.

    • Chase

      Chase - 2007-06-03

      I would also be very interested in a 64-bit compile of WMPTSE.  Thank you so much for your time!

      • M@B

        M@B - 2007-06-12

        I am sorry, but you will all have to wait for a Vista x64 edition to magically appear on my dvd disc drive, cause i ve no money to spend on buying it right now...

        I could compile it for a x64 target (acrobatic under 2000) but it will be far fetched to risk installing it without  having tested it first...

        Are you really always interested ?? :P


    • David Schollmeyer

      I found a workaround for the lack of 64-bit support. After installing, load 32-bit Media Player and import all of your files to the library which will correctly register all of the file info. Then when you go to Media Center all of the file data will be displayed correctly.


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