m4a (aac) files adding without tag info

  • direwolf08

    direwolf08 - 2007-11-04

    I seem to have fixed the crashing problem, for the most part, that I posted here:


    But, now when I enable the plugin (with options to auto-refresh tags when adding to lib and when browsing in my music checked), then go to add the aac files, they add as music to the library, but the tag info is not read (ie they all show up under "Unknown Artist" or "Unknown album").  When I go back to the plugin options, I click "Refresh Now" and WMP11 crashes.  It seems that the plugin doesn't like it when I have the files already in the library and try to refresh the tags.   

    I have tried v1.4 and v1.2, and I have Vista/WMP11.  I also have these files in my iTunes library, if that matters (where they were created).  I have opened the files in MP3Tag, and it says the tags are MPEG4 format.  Could this be a decoder/Filter issue?  I have Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow installed, the graph for one of the m4a files looks like this:

    file.m4a---->ffdshow audio decoder---->AC3Filter---->Default DirectSound Device.

    Thanks so much for writing this great plugin, I hope I can get it to work for me!      

    • Mike Brewer

      Mike Brewer - 2007-12-29

      I'm having the same problem.  WMP Tag Support Extender doesn't read any of my AAC tags.  Instead, I'm now using http://www.softpointer.com/WMPTagSupport.htm -- which *does* seem to read in my AAC tags.  I find it occasionally causes WMP to lock up for a while, I think perhaps when doing a search for media files, but it doesn't crash... eventually wakes up.  What I do, therefore, is have the plugin enabled only when I know I've got new files to import, or perhaps occasionally when I do a complete sweep to find any I might have missed.

    • shaun2

      shaun2 - 2008-01-05

      Thanks Mike,

      I was unable to get the plugin being discussed here working either.  But the one from softpointer you suggested works a treat!!!!!

      You have made me very happy!!!!!!!!!


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