#12 v1.1 in WMP11 beta 2 fails to load tags/find new files

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I have installed the plugin, and made sure that it is
both enabled and that the correct file types have been
associated with wmp. Despite this, WMP fails to load
tags - I have tried with both MPC and OGG files.

As a preliminary fix, I tried manually registering
WMPTagSupportExtender.dll, but that did not help. I
have also tried checking all four refresh options, as
well as the manual refresh. I have made sure to restart
WMP each time I change a setting, but that has no
effect either.

WMP Version: 11.0.5705.5043
Plugin version: 1.1


  • M@B

    M@B - 2006-09-11

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    How are you files tagged ?
    By which program, with which parameters ?
    Did you try it with another tag reader and does it work ?
    Which version of WMP do you use and under which version of
    Windows ?


  • amygdala

    amygdala - 2006-09-11

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    mea maxima culpa.

    when i tried to test this, i wanted to use ogg files that i
    knew were properly tagged, and had been read by the
    softpointer.com plugin
    (http://www.softpointer.com/WMPTagSupport.htm). so i
    uninstalled that plugin, installed this one, renamed these
    .ogg files to .oga, added the .oga file type using this
    plugin, and then tried to add these files using wmp.

    it turns out that wmp thought i wanted to remove these files
    from the library when i renamed their extensions. i had also
    had an option set which would prevent wmp from re-adding
    files that were manually removed. that is why wmp was not
    adding these files. when i turned that option off, the files
    were added normally. so this bug can be closed/rejected.

    i've tested this by removing and re-adding the files with
    both this and the softpointer plugin, and they both work

    for the record, my windows version is xp pro with sp2, .net 2.0

  • M@B

    M@B - 2006-09-11

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    ok, thanks for the report anyway...

  • M@B

    M@B - 2006-09-11
    • status: open --> closed

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