Digistras - 2011-01-13


1st of all, I would like to thank the developers for creating such a wonderful plug-in. However, may I suggest to include a "Mute" or "Reduce the volume to zero" Hotkey to WMP Keys.

Here is the thing: I listen to online stream and sometimes, I have to stop the music from the online stream for phone calls so I will pause the online stream to stop the music. BUT when I pause the online stream, the online stream is actually being buffered into Windows Media Player but the music is not playing. At times, I may talk on the phone for about 15 to 20mins and after the phone call, I will then play the online stream again but the music that continues is actually from the online stream data that was buffered after I paused the online stream earlier. It is no longer a real-time online stream. I will then have to stop and re-start the online stream again to listen to the real-time music that is played at that current moment which can be quite troublesome.

So can I suggest to add a "Mute" or "Reduce the volume to zero" Hotkey? In this way, Windows Media Player can constantly output real-time music from the online stream, no matter if the volume is zero or if the volume is muted. I do know Winamp do have such a great plugin but I can't install winamp on my office computer as I don't have Administrator rights.

I would appreciate if anyone would be able to help and develop this. Thank you and god bless.