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  • moviquity

    moviquity - 2010-04-19

    Proposal for collaboration.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there!
    Great application! Iam using it in school to implementing ad hoc network. Now iam modifing these codes to develope ad hoc positioning system (based on DV-HOP).
    My problem now :
    Signalization in app is very well (neigh,2hop neigh, mpr…) iam using it in my localization method but real data forwarding over two hops doesnt working. Pinging nodes over two hops doest working too….what i should do with it? i can provide multihop adhoc network with positioning system but people want share pictures, data, comunicating ….and it doest work over 2 hops..
    thax for response :)

    PS: when i finish my work i will send u OLSR-DVHOP codes back


  • moviquity

    moviquity - 2011-01-25

    Dear Ivan,

    Thanks for your congratulation. The WMOLSR was test in HTC TNyTII with Widnows Mobile 6 using until 9 hops without problems. We would need something more specific to try to help you with your problem. (something like LOG ERROR, exceptions, etc.)

    You should realize that the main code wrote in C# use calls to a routewin.DLL that perform changes in the table of route. Those changes make possible the routing through multiple PDAs. Maybe your PDA or OS doesn't support the low level calls perform by the dll.

    Some people use the OLSR.ORG (not associate with our project) forum for getting further responses.




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