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WLAN Traffic Visualizer: version 1.5.0 releas

The WLAN Traffic Visualizer provides accurate measurement of traffic load and innovative visualization of frame sequences in IEEE 802.11 WLANs. It is useful for monitoring of WLAN equipment, for WLAN equipment benchmarking, and for educational purposes.

Changes since release 1.4.0:
Added option to inspect view in Wireshark.
Added list of recently opened log files.
Fixed filter function for beacons preceeded by CTS.
Added highlighting of bootp/dhcp frames.
Changed filename convention for storage of view captures.
Added microsecond units to durations and time stamps.
Added right-click menu for operations on cursor in train panel.
Added function to check TSF in beacon and probe response.
Changed view save to normal pcap format and applied current filter on save.
Minor updates to packet panel.

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Posted by Harald Unander 2010-07-28

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