WLAN Control / News: Recent posts

Release 3

Now with changeable MAC addresses, configurable for more than one WLAN card (uses the first available one in the list), and your choice of interfaces to shut down when the WLAN is started.

Fixed a bug or two also. The code's still as ugly as sin though...

Posted by Paul Glover 2007-02-16

Release 0.1

Version 0.1 is now released, for those of you who turn pale at the thought of accessing an SVN repository.

Posted by Paul Glover 2006-09-19

Initial version in SVN

The initial version of WLAN Control is available from the project SVN repository (no package available yet).

It's pretty much as-is from what I have installed on my own system.

Actual documentation and a release package will follow at some time in the near future.

Posted by Paul Glover 2006-09-19