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Wizznic 1.0-dev (Build 306) released!

This release contains many under the hood improvements, control and UI tweaks and a few bugfixes. I consider it code-complete by this release. Next up: Making the levels great!

This release contains of the following packages:
GP2X Wiz.
GCW Zero.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2015-02-08 Labels: game

Wizznic! 0.9.9 Released!

Finally, after way too long it's here, more polished than ever, with brand new graphics, and an overhaul of the levels, lots of features and bugfixes!
I'm proud to present version 0.9.9 of my little game, Wizznic! :)

Changelog since last release:
Reordered levels
Corrected some misaligned text
Changed level file naming from levelX.wzp to levelXXX.wzp (level0.wzp is now level000.wzp and level10.wzp is level010.wzp).
Time that it takes for a brick to "die" affects the framerate of the expl-animation, this value can now be set from each level.
Particle systems have a layer associated, either PSYS_LAYER_TOP, PSYS_LAYER_UNDERDEATHANIM or PSYS_LAYER_UNDERBRICK.
"Thor" theme by ViperMD.
Tiles 0-17 can be animated from files TILEBASE-tile#.png, animation runs at 12 fps, one row of images, number of frames abritary.
Clocked wiz up to 600 mhz since the pixel plotting function became a bit heavier.
OpenGL support is enabled by default, compile with WITH_OPENGL=false to disable. See readme[1.0.4] for more information.... read more

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2011-12-30

Wizznic 0.9_feedback_version released!

So I've added a few levels (total count is now 82), and I've removed all the levels that were copies of original Puzznic levels.
A fair amount of music have also been added, and I've added a function that let's me gather statistics about the difficulty of levels (this is optional and can be disabled at start, but please don't, since I really need the stats to figure out how the levels are placed..)... read more

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2010-07-29

Wizznic 0.8 Final released.

This is the final release of version 0.8, minor bugchanges and polish.
This will be the last release before 0.9 (duh), which will include over 60 new levels, lots of music, and more graphics.

The changelog for 0.8 follows:
Fixed a bug in the level-preview-dump function that made a black image if no start/stop image found.
Thumbnailer works again (on levels that refer to themes that are installed)
Added instructions for using the thumbnailer in the install.txt
No longer blink [MORE] in the level-editor list.
Removed an error message that were printed even though there was no error.
Pack-List is now sorted.
Added Puzznic! Stage 09 pack by KML
Script to make releasing for Linux (Source package) and Wiz automated. This will be extented to windows when I learn to cross compile.
More linux-friendly (thanks to PVince81 for patch which was used as inspiration)
Linux specific Makefile based on contribution from PVince81.
Renamed Makefile to Makefile.wiz (to avoid confuzion with the linux Makefile which is called Makefile.linux)
Linux version can be compiled so it saves user files (player & editorlevels) to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME (like most *nix apps)
Read more about this in doc/install.txt
Level-Editor menu screen is made a bit less cluttered.
Clone level function (create a new level, with the contents from another level, so it is easier to make variations of existing levels)
Player was not asked to enter highscore after "completed game" screen was shown.
Added Silver pack.
Teleports added
Greeter/Credits added to welcome screen
Added a "template" pack (essentially just a copy of the wizznic pack, without the levels/music),
can be used by content creators as a starting point for creating a pack.
Tweaked the ingame interface a bit.
Lots of minor changes.
Changed readme a bit, it's still not accurate though.
Fixed a crashbug due to improper memory access.
Fixed all compiler warnings.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2010-07-16

Wizznic! 0.6b for Wiz, Linux and Windows

Finally a proper release, this brings many new features, most important more brick-types! This is also the first version to have an official windows release.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2009-12-16

Wizznic! 0.5creators edition released

This adds an ingame-user editor, and the ability to show level-author of levels in the main-game.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2009-11-08

Wizznic 0.5a released

Initial alpha-release, it's fully playable, but it's missing some proper sound effects and could use more levels.

Posted by Jimmy Christensen 2009-11-05