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After fixing a Subversion issue and creating specific build procedures for each major platform, work has continued on adding and improving applications in the suite.

Current Applications:
SystemInfo - An application for viewing system properties
FileChecker - A simple user interface to MD5 and SHA checksums
Bookmark - A simple internet bookmark manager
SimpleTerminal - A bash-like terminal that works anywhere
FeedReader - A RSS/Atom file reader
Glance - An image viewer
JGet - A download manager
Portscan - A network port scanner
ProcessManager - A manager of system processes and viewer of CPU and ram usage
BatchFront - A script writing program for when programs don't support wildcard expansion
Cauldron3 - An intelligent file manager
EmailReader - A simple SMTP/IMAP email reader
HexEdit - A simple viewer of files in hexidecimal
Svim - A port of vim to Wizard Desktop

Posted by sahaqiel 2012-02-09

Hope to release soon

Hope to release soon, its been too long since the last one.

Posted by sahaqiel 2011-11-09

Nearing alpha status

The plugin system between the WM and the applications is now finished. The WM can also correctly invoke applications. As soon as the window layout portion of the WM is fixed and a few simple problems are fixed, get ready for an alpha.

Posted by sahaqiel 2009-09-17

Deadbeat Developers

If you are a developer on this project and want to contribute, please reply to this post or send me a message before Friday. All non-contributing developers will be dropped on Friday.

Posted by sahaqiel 2009-02-17

Open Discussion Posts

I'm in the process of putting more information into the Forum, in the Open Discussion section. These documents will outline my plans for the project. Please comment as any constructive feedback is appreciated.

Posted by sahaqiel 2008-09-28

New Mockup

I put up a new mockup last night based on where I want to take the desktop GUI. As a tabbed and semi-tiling window manager, there is no need for a window list. The object in the upper left can contain four applets. One type of applet shows a drawer when clicked (drawers can contain icons or more drawers).

Posted by sahaqiel 2008-09-16

Founding Documents

The founding documents are there to give an idea of where I want to take this project.

Posted by sahaqiel 2008-04-22

Mockup Pre-Alpha

The Wizard Desktop is a desktop environment for Unix-like systems. This first release is a very basic graphical working mock-up. As a mock-up, it does not completely represent how the end product will look. It includes four very basic applications for testing purposes only.

Posted by sahaqiel 2008-04-18

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