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Release of WixEdit v0.2.5

WixEdit v0.2.5 has been released. Many new features are added to this release. Even an easy msi installer and some samples to get you started.

You can edit much of the WiX files. All items to install, the binary resources, global properties and dialogs and more. Now you can compile the WiX xml from WixEdit with the wix binaries, you can also decompile msi installers. More features will follow soon! ... read more

Posted by Jasper Keuper 2005-07-01

First release of WixEdit (v0.1.1)

The first release of WixEdit can edit dialogs and simple properties easily via a nice graphical user interface. More features will follow soon!

This release can be dowloaded at http://wixedit.sourceforge.net/download/

Posted by Jasper Keuper 2005-03-23