Release of WixEdit v0.7.5

WixEdit v0.7.5 fixes a lot of small bugs.

Thanks for reporting bugs and please keep giving feedback.

Please let me know what to improve on the wizard!

[3211995] Importing files does not account for wxs location
[3137406] File > Close does not close the dialog editor
[3132892] Exception after reloading a changed file with incorrect xml
[3093344] "#text" is not supported
[2988685] XmlComments in Dialog causes InvalidCastException
[2981498] Minor: improper detection of WIX directory under 64-bit OS
[2975918] Import .reg file creates only keys
[2975283] Case-Sensitive ID's
[2949424] Designer accidentally resizes controls

[3024122] Allow resizing "New Attribute Name" window
[2889417] Trees not expanded on file open

Posted by Jasper Keuper 2011-03-18

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