I’ve been using WixEdit for several years and it’s a great little program.  My original installer is fairly straight forward and so far WixEdit has been up to the task.  However, things are now getting slightly more complicated and I need to author a bootstrapper using the Burn tool in the latest revision of Wix (V3.6).  The files Burn uses are in the same XML format as used by Wix itself. 


I’m using WixEdit V0.7.5 and it can read the file no problem but it obviously doesn’t fully support Burn as there are properties missing.  So.....

1)       Can the current version support properties for Burn and if so, what do I need to do to make it do it?

2)       If it can’t, can support for Burn files and bootstrapper creation be added?


All the best and keep up the great work

Chris Lord