I just thought of another enhancement.

I originally had a Visual Studio project that I ran dark against.  Using the output, I was able to shoehorn in the binaries and the custom dialog for the .net check.  A very useful update the wixnetfxextension would be the ability to provide a url to the dialog so that the user will be presented with a yes/no option to go to the web to download it.  I've tried several ways other than using the vs binaries to get this behavior and have run into a wall (unless someone knows a way to get this functionality).


From: oryan_dunn@hotmail.com
To: wix-devs@lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 21:26:49 -0400
Subject: [WiX-devs] WiX UI suggestions

Hello all,
I'm new to WiX and saw the request for suggestions on the UI here:

Several suggestions (that may have already been suggested):
I'd like to see several custom dialog templates similar to what Visual Studio provides; one with checkboxes, one with radio buttons, one for text, ... and possibly example XML on how to make use of them.  What immediately comes to mind for the checkboxes is the ability to decided whether you want Desktop/Start Menu/Quick Launch shortcuts.

Another improvement would be to the install location dialog.  The controls/icons are seriously outdated.  The dropdown should use the XP style (or Vista style) and have at the root "Desktop" to mirror the explorer tree.

Adding these features would be a great help.


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