Sorry, just a little crunch-time stress venting, there. ;) I realize and appreciate that this project is run on volunteer time.

I guess I'll have to just assume the ignore path, although that's certainly not ideal (we do have parts of our product that are IIS apps, so ignoring errors for those features is kinda bad). But at least I can put in a check for the presence of IIS, which will avoid that particular failure mode.

On 11/29/05, Rob Mensching <> wrote:
Sorry, I mistook the Abort, Retry, Ignore dialog boxes as our standard
Assert message.  I didn't realize K had one in there for "normal use".  At
least, I don't have to worry about DEBUG isn't being pushed to SF.

Now, *fixing* this bug is non-trivial.  K and I talked about it a number of
times.  Getting a hack in there probably isn't too hard but doing the right
thing is far more difficult.  The code you actually want is in
scasched.cpp:ln88.  It's the same thing... it *appears* that ScaLoadMetabase
was put in place to start working on the real fix.

I'm not exactly sure what behavior you want if IIS isn't present... just
exit without failure?  If so, just use the IDIGNORE code path on line 101.

Finally, I want to point out that bugs are not necessarily fixed based on
age.  If you really need a bug fixed, then you'll need to talk about it
here.  I'm sorry you're frustrated but everything you see here is built on
volunteer hours.  Volunteer hours are very difficult to hold to a schedule.

From: Kevin Dente [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 9:36 AM
Subject: Re: [WiX-users] ConfigureIIS running on systems w/o IIS

I see the dialog on 3309. Looking at scaiis.cpp, I see an ScaLoadMetabase
function which ends up doing this:

er = WcaErrorMessage(msierrIISCannotConnect, hr, INSTALLMESSAGE_ERROR |

which doesn't look too assert-y. Haven't figured out how that function ends
up getting called yet, though.

Unfortunately, I need to hack in a fix for this immediately, as we can't
release our product with this problem. This bug was reported over a year
ago, so it's kinda frustrating that it hasn't been addressed.
On 11/29/05, Rob Mensching < > wrote:
Okay, several things:

1.That Abort, Retry, Ignore dialog box should not be showing up in the
releases on SourceForge.That's an assert dialog firing and should only be
present in DEBUG builds.What version of the WiX toolset are you using?
I'll try to remember to double check this with the next release.

2.Kevin, your feedback about time spent is not out of line.It is very
valid feedback.Let me provide a little more insight into this particular
situation just so everyone is on the same page.The WiX CustomAction
library is pretty much solely developed by Scott "K".K has actually worked
on the CustomActions for three to four years now (longer than the WiX
toolset has been released).Six months or so ago, K was working his way
through the bug list, week by week.In the last few months, K has been
consumed by shipping Office12 and we've lost our CustomAction guy.Kevin,
when I "waved you off" (I like that term) I thought K would get it and I
didn't revisit the issue when he got so busy (because I had delegated to K
and forgotten about it myself).

The same thing happened to Votive.Votive work is driven by Justin
Rockwood.You'll notice very little Votive advancement right now because
Justin 1) had another baby and 2) was kind enough to step in and covert our
whacky little build system to NAnt.That NAnt conversion turned into a much
larger problem than *anyone* expected and Votive development suffered.

ClickThrough started as an interesting project by Reid and Derek.Then
Derek moved into the core of the toolset and Reid moved to the CodeDom
stuff.I have been finishing up ClickThrough because I believe it is
important and demonstrates where the WiX toolset needs to go in the future.
Not to mention, WiX needs a chainer and the ClickThrough bootstrapper turned
out to be perfect for that (which caught me by surprise, pleasantly).

So the problem is that we are spread pretty thin and are lacking back-ups
for all areas.I end up having to pick up all pieces that aren't getting
done.We all know how I haven't been capable of that.<smile/>

I'm not complaining and I'm not blaming.I just want everyone to know how
things are going.It would be great if more people wanted to join the
development team and really *own* a particular part of the WiX toolset.
Fredrik Grohn has done an incredible job on the COM+ CustomActions and the
web site (he *owns* those in my mind).Fredrik has also stuck around to
support them... which is almost as important as implementing them the first

3.Please keep sending in the feedback.I only know if we're doing the
right thing/going in the right direction if people are talking.
Constructive feedback is much appreciated.Also, if you think things are
going well then feel free to send that feedback as well.It isn't that I
need confirmation we're doing the right thing (although it is nice to get
"happy thoughts" every once in a while) but positive feedback tells us we're

going in the right direction and should continue.

[mailto:] On Behalf Of Kevin Miller
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 6:27 AM
To: Kevin Dente
Subject: RE: [WiX-users] ConfigureIIS running on systems w/o IIS


I may have solved this issue to a degree. I currently define a WebSite in
one of my wix fragments and use that site by reference in my other
fragments. This prevents the install from crashing but I still have issues
if IIS is not installed on Windows 2K machines. I get an dialog allowing me
to Abort, Retry, or Ignore. If Ignore is clicked on the install continues.I
recently commented on what appears to be a related bug to see if it was
being looked at. I will CC the wix-user list on this so maybe the powers
that be can chime in.

Last time I chatted with Rob M. I believe he said this was a low priority
issue as it was not a crash (click on Ignore to continue). I volunteered to
attempt a fix but a core wix dev was going to look at rewriting the web
support lib so I was waved off. I love Wix but my complaint is it seems they
have time to work on new projects (ClickThrough, Votive) before fixing the
bug list . Sorry if that comment is out of line but it is my perception. I
have to admit since I got my initial installer work done I have not been
paying close attention to the wix-user list so I may be out of touch.

Kevin Miller

From: Kevin Dente []
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 9:04 PM
To: Kevin Miller
Subject: Re: [WiX-users] ConfigureIIS running on systems w/o IIS
Hi Kevin. Sorry to bug you, but I'm wondering if you ever found a solution
to this problem? I'm seeing the same issue.

On 8/16/05, Kevin Miller <> wrote:
I have a project that adds zero to many VirtualWebDirs (web services,
demos, ...) I am getting failures installing on a Win2K system that does
not have IIS. The msiexec log points to the ConfigureIIS action as the

The IIS sensitive Features and Components Conditioned to not install if
IIS is not present.

I believe a Fragment level WebSite element is to blame. I need this
element present in the event that a virtual directory is added to know
what WebSite to install it under. But as the docs say if the web site
being addressed is not present (IIS is not installed) the install fails.

According to the docs:
Nesting WebSite under Product, Fragment, or Module results in a web site
"locator" record being created in the IIsWebSite table. This means that
the web site itself is neither installed nor uninstalled by the MSI
package. It does make the database available for referencing from a
WebApplication, WebVirtualDir or WebDir record. This allows an MSI to
install WebApplications, WebVirtualDirs or WebDirs to already existing
web sites on the machine. The install will fail if the web site does not
exist in these cases.

So my question is. How do I have my cake and eat it too? I want to have
a Product level WebSite that all web virtual directories get installed
under, but IIS it crashes in this configuration. I know I can put the
WebSite under a Component and control it via Condition but then it will
attempt to Install the web site which I do not want.

Kevin Miller

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