Candle is trying to validate the schema of the document. I'm going to take a guess that you forgot to add the -ext switch to candle, to tell it to use the WixIIsExtension. I'm not sure how you do this in Votive, the IDE plugin, since I don't have it installed - probably look in Project Properties for Extensions for the compiler.
Did you also remember to declare the iis XML namespace? Your <Wix> element needs to look like:
<Wix xmlns=""
If it turns out that the extension not being loaded is the problem, the diagnostic here should be better. It's meant to only catch failures to validate due to the service pack not being installed - perhaps it needs to catch a more specific exception type, if that's possible?
(Breadcrumb trail - WiX error numbers are defined in src\wix\Data\messages.xml, from which you can get a symbolic error code; you can then search the source code for that symbolic code, which gives two places where this error is reported, in ValidateDocument() in Compiler.cs and Process() in Preprocessor.cs.)
Mike Dimmick

From: [] On Behalf Of KURZE, Uwe
Sent: 02 November 2006 15:58
Subject: [WiX-users] Wix 3.0 <iis:WebVirtualDir>Compiler error

Hi there
I use Wix 3.0 in VS 2005. Everything works but if i use a <iis:WebVirtualDir>... tag
compiling failed with the error:
candle.exe : error CNDL0124 : An error has occurred that most likely indicates that the .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 has not been installed.  Please see the following website for more information about the service pack and how to install it:
On my machine i use .Net 2.0 and have also installed .Net1.1 SP1
Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
greetings Uwe Kurze