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# Summary Status
158 WixSerializer migrated  
381 Using FileExist() in preprocessor condition statements migrated  
298 Native Code Project Reference Preprocessor Support migrated  
175 Warn for localizable accounts in LockPermissions table migrated  
180 WiX custom actions should log more source information migrated  
469 MakeSfxCA could include all custom action project output migrated  
567 Add usage information of tools in wix chm migrated  
607 SetDirectory Sequence=once, CustomAction type 307 migrated  
221 Support for WMI schema installation migrated  
455 Provide the function to change existed registry item migrated  
170 WixCop should support case changes in SQL extension migrated  
12 Support ProgIdRef migrated  
339 Rollback Scripts - Add Quick Macros migrated  
447 dynamic value of Identity attribute of <iis:WebAppPool /> migrated  
177 Testing system for custom action functionality migrated  
545 CA: Adding include/lib/executable directories to VS migrated  
699 LaunchTarget could fail because working folder could changed migrated  
736 "Error 0x8007007a: failed to copy XmlConfig record Id" should be caught during compile time and more descriptive migrated  
360 Create Fragments allowing WiX components to be redistributed migrated  
262 Support Ankh SCC migrated  
656 WixUI_Advanced: Never install files in [LocalAppDataFolder] migrated  
389 IL Validation Improvements migrated  
704 Wix Burn variable for UI level migrated  
702 VS Intellisense to generate guid migrated  
735 [Votive feature request] Support for referencing custom extension projects in solution migrated  
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