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745 Bootstrapper: Log Condition messages migrated  
744 Bootstrapper: Add scroll-bar and copy functionality to Condition messages migrated  
742 WixVariable to SuppressOptionsUI migrated  
740 allow dynamic values for YesNoType attributes migrated  
739 Copy over payloads of uncompressed bundles automatically. migrated  
738 preCondition option for ISAPI filter install migrated  
737 Burn MUI support in ARP migrated  
736 "Error 0x8007007a: failed to copy XmlConfig record Id" should be caught during compile time and more descriptive migrated  
734 Burn: Reboot Checkpoints migrated  
733 File filtering in Heat? migrated  
731 Nested preprocessor variables migrated  
730 WixUtilExtension support for EventLog element migrated  
728 Additional predefined user groups migrated  
726 NuGet package migrated  
725 Option to let a patch update the ARP version of a Burn Bundle migrated  
723 Run this burn based setup for both roles admin and non-admin. migrated  
721 Burn: Add ability to Redisplay MSI UI on re-exec of bootstrapper migrated  
720 Friendlier download failure message migrated  
719 Add support for WiX patch files (.wixmst) to wix2010.targets and Votive migrated  
718 Force Burn to continue when Package failed migrated  
717 XmlConfig messes xml formatting migrated  
716 Make XmlConfig\XmlFile properly work with read-only files. migrated  
715 XmlConfig: include 'append' as legal action migrated  
714 Burn: -layout feature that downloads only required files for that computer migrated  
712 Burn: add option to require explicit acceptance of EULA for silent installs migrated  
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