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3325 Broken link on page CustomAction Element migrated  
3299 Manual - Component docs Source attribute works-for-me  
3223 manual links broken in some pages migrated  
3167 NetFxExtension doc page not mentioning .NET 4.5 properties migrated  
3119 Broken links for WixUI documentation on web site migrated  
3020 Multiple Dead Links on install_dotnet.htm migrated  
2671 Broken Links migrated  
2596 Wrong links on web site closed  
2485 Broken links in manual-wix3/WixUI_dialog_library.htm migrated  
2484 Empty doc page : netfx_xsd_nativeimage.htm migrated  
2475 Empty page manual-wix3/iis_xsd_webaddress.htm closed  
2473 Broken links in manual-wix3/WixUI_dialog_library.htm closed  
2458 Broken link to WixUI_installDir page closed  
2085 the 3.5 manual webpage is empty closed  
1880 Questions and comments about building Patch page closed  
1695 Blank page: authoring_first_file.htm closed  
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