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3357 After call to LoadBootstrapperBAFunctions() m_m_fPrereq changes causing Prereq code to execute migrated  
3355 NullReferenceException in pyro.exe migrated  
3354 POWERSHELLVERSION Property in WixPSExtension Doesn't support PS3 or higher migrated  
3353 WixUI ComboBox Selection Bug external  
3352 MsiPackage/@bal:Overridable="yes" results in misleading error message. fixed  
3346 Heat harvesting is URL Encoding parenthesis in “Content” filenames resulting in LGHT0103 errors. migrated  
3344 Linking with binary wixlib breaks incremental build migrated  
3343 NetFx40* package groups detect version of .NET Framework unreliably migrated  
3342 Null Reference exception in Unbinder:UnbindTransform processing MSPs migrated  
3339 VS Achievements and Wix installed causes fatal crash out-of-date  
3337 Util::RegistrySearch could not find some keys expected-behavior  
3335 Use of Tag Extension breaks incremental build migrated  
3333 Burn fails to remove MSUs on WOW64 migrated  
3332 Issue install msi on Windows 8 with IIS 8 external  
3330 Votive does not add quote to lit command migrated  
3329 CNDL0004 with Msmq inside Foreach Preprocessor migrated  
3328 Burn does not rollback msi installed before reboot migrated  
3327 Bootstrapper reports size of setup only with ARP entry (after .NET4 restart) migrated  
3326 Setupbld doesn't work on TFS Build Server migrated  
3324 pyro ArgumentOutOfRangeException in PatchAPIMarshaller.CreateArrayOfStringA migrated  
3322 Release lock on referenced extension DLL after build migrated  
3321 patch bundle uninstall doesn't remove superseded msp patches migrated  
3320 heat.exe produces uncompilable output migrated  
3319 Need engine to ignore command line parameters migrated  
3318 iis:WebFilter results in "Failed...@name=null" migrated  
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