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2537 Different Dialog title in different language migrated  
2536 Cannot pass item group from HeatFile task to heat.exe migrated  
2532 AssemblyFolders missing when running x64 MSBuild migrated  
2505 light cannot be run from makefile migrated  
2479 MSBuild Torch task isn't documented migrated  
2476 VS UI not updated - Wix Extension path with configuration migrated  
2469 Heat fails when trying to harvest null registry keys migrated  
2462 Wildcards in this project type are not currently supported migrated  
2453 Heat could not harvest capicom.dll migrated  
2450 ComPlusApplication doesn't work for type ".net" migrated  
2445 LGHT0103 cannot find file with type '' migrated  
2442 WelcomeDlg duplicate definition expected-behavior  
2441 Add wixCert_digit optionally to certificate friendly names migrated  
2440 Download only layout updates migrated  
2439 Need to localize splash screen image migrated  
2423 Heat fails to parse customized projects migrated  
2414 User's profile data not deleted on uninstall migrated  
2411 Referenced Project Output Groups ignored migrated  
2402 ComPlus upgrade migrated  
2395 Unable to add or remove project configurations migrated  
2391 Product@codepage is being overridden when you use WixUIExt migrated  
2384 XmlFile fails to find XPath under certain namespace migrated  
2382 DTF projects not upgraded to WiX 3.5 migrated  
2372 HeatDirectory MSBuild task leaks handles in devenv migrated  
2365 Content files not copied migrated  
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