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2801 Dark crash migrated  
2800 fails to recognize "con:" as an output migrated  
2783 util:FileSharePermissions strips user added permissions migrated  
2758 Heat output generates CNDL0047 in candle migrated  
2750 Performance counters: lifetime is set to process migrated  
2686 heat fails to gather information from .NET assembly migrated  
2678 project harvester doesn't unescape linked files with spaces migrated  
2662 ConvertReferences target uses wrong name for heat output migrated  
2658 InstallFiles action not included in simple installer migrated  
2656 DB connection string with SqlDatabase migrated  
2641 Allow background images in burn UI migrated  
2638 Nested Comments in SQL Script migrated  
2633 heat built wxs will not compile migrated  
2632 Cannot delete msmq if Administrators group is used migrated  
2601 Not decompiling extension-defined custom actions migrated  
2590 File System Reparse Point Vulnerability migrated  
2579 Visual Studio setting "Save new projects when created" hang migrated  
2572 SolutionPath doesn't work for Import statement in wixproj migrated  
2554 Removing bundles during upgrade should be done in order migrated  
2552 Only first firewall exception is set migrated  
2543 Heat ignores runtime assembly bindings migrated  
2542 WcaInitialize does not validate input length ... migrated  
2541 Dark error is reporting wrong tables, (merge module project) migrated  
2540 PerfCounterManifest and RemoveExistingProducts scheduling migrated  
2538 Certain text in preprocessor variable textbox breaks project migrated  
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