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3287 Allow different hash algorithm to Burn migrated  
3277 Wix project should offer "Install" etc. actions expected-behavior  
3276 Wix projects should offer "Project Only" build actions migrated  
3217 Unable to change "output path" on Visual Studio 2012 and x64 configuration migrated  
3206 License appears blank if RTF content is too short. migrated  
3189 Referenced project Full Path Property full with error message migrated  
3180 Votive: WXS files added via "Show all files" followed by "Include in project" are not recognized as wxs migrated  
3156 Burn fails to resume after reboot migrated  
3082 Signed installer gives "Unidentified publisher" errors migrated  
3066 #define Log LogString should be removed from logutil.h migrated  
3048 wix.targets should expose target(s) to get more output data migrated  
3043 Enable 32-Bit Applications Should Track Platform attribute migrated  
3033 Version number in registry key makes it detection difficult migrated  
3022 light uses cached cabs when it should rebuild them migrated  
2991 Mistake in docs for ServiceDependency element migrated  
2990 Unclear if "Name" attribute is required in RemoveFile tag migrated  
2963 light.exe errors are not written to stderr (Console.Error) migrated  
2920 temp directories not deleted migrated  
2918 Binder Variable assemblyInformationalVersion isn't supported migrated  
2863 MimeMap should work as a child of WebSite migrated  
2853 Uninstall does not remove internet shortcut migrated  
2847 Control element Property value not treated correctly migrated  
2835 Wix library project does not support heat's HarvestProject migrated  
2830 _bin_deployableAssemblies assemblies not captured migrated  
2815 Custom Action Build Does Not Update Binary Timestamp migrated  
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