#2822 The registration in VS 2010 is not performed.

votive (347)

It is impossible to add references in C# CustomAction project in VS 2010. The possible reason is that vs2010_setup Custom action of Votive installation does not run (is not included).


  • Bob Arnson

    Bob Arnson - 2012-01-30

    Please provide more detail: What kind of reference are you trying to add? Where? What happens?

  • Fyodor Koryazhkin

    The error happens during adding system reference, for example System assembly.
    The project is targeting .NET Framework v 3.5.
    I included snapshot of the error.

  • Peter Rawytsch

    Peter Rawytsch - 2012-02-01

    The last operational votive install was 3.6.2221.0. Thus 3.6.2520.0 and 3.6.2527.0 are corrupt.

    There must be a major problem with the new core.msi, since there lack about 23 tables!!! The InstallExecuteSequence is kind of default, i.e. there are no Custom Actions at all, no app search.

    Since I was not able to install from the internet due to the proxy problem (c.f. 3481691 ), I downloaded v3.6.2527.0/data/core.cab and core.msi directly and tried to install. This leads to a file-only installation without registration of VS2005/VS2008 and VS2010.

  • Bob Arnson

    Bob Arnson - 2012-02-01

    Votive is not part of core.msi.

  • Fyodor Koryazhkin

    May be I am wrong in determining the reason of failure but the result remains the same - system reference cannot be added to C# CustomAction project - it becomes unusable.

  • Peter Rawytsch

    Peter Rawytsch - 2012-02-03

    Hi Bob, hi Fyodor,
    sorry for my recent comment: at that point of time I didn't the issue.
    In order to make amends I give you a hint where the bug is sitting:

    For VS 2010 (and maybe also for VS 11) the associated "CustomActionRef" element and its accompanying "UI/ProgressText" element in
    src\Setup\VotiveMsi\2010.wxs, line 31
    src\Setup\VotiveMsi\11.wxs, line32
    are lacking!

    As for comparison, c.f.:
    src\Setup\VotiveMsi\2005.wxs, lines 42ff
    src\Setup\VotiveMsi\2008.wxs, lines 42ff

    The definition of the CustomAction element itself in
    seems to be ok, thus fixing the VotiveMsi files should be sufficient to solve this issue.

    Greetings, Peter

  • Fyodor Koryazhkin

    Still exists in version v3.6.2603.0

  • Eric StJohn

    Eric StJohn - 2012-02-10

    I intentionally removed the custom actions. They are no longer needed to install on VS 2010 or VS 11 because I swtiched to using an extension. I think this is actually being caused by the .targets bug 3483397. I repro'ed the issue in 3.6.2603, and it does not repro with the fix. Expect this to be taken care of in this week's build.


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