#2504 Finnish WixUIRetry "Yritä uudelleen" does not fit in buttons

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The Finnish (fi-fi) localization of WixUI translates WixUIRetry as "&Yritä uudelleen". This string does not fit in the buttons of various dialogs when the default text style of WixUI is used. The words of the string get wrapped to separate lines, and neither line is fully visible.

Reproduced in ErrorDlg and FilesInUseDlg of WiX 3.5.1030.0 on Windows XP. In those dialogs, the buttons have Width="56" and Height="17". WiX 3.6.1615.0 was not tested but has the same Finnish translations and button sizes. Other dialogs may have the same problem.

Possible solutions or workarounds:
- Change WixUI to make the buttons wider, regardless of culture.
- Change WixUI to translate WixUIRetry as a a shorter string: perhaps "&Yritä vielä" or "&Yritä taas". However, these may seem less formal. The other fi-fi translations that refer to the Retry button would also have to be updated.
- Override WixUIRetry and related strings in the product-specific translation file.
- Postprocess the generated MSI file to replace the strings.
- Postprocess the generated MSI file to make the buttons wider.
- Changing the text style might help too, but could look inconsistent and was not tested.


  • turha

    turha - 2011-06-03

    As a workaround, I have overridden these strings in a per-package *.wxl file and changed "Yritä uudelleen" to "Yritä vielä": WixUIRetry, FilesInUseText, Error1306, Error1307, Error1312, Error1605, Error1609, Error1711, Error1803, and Error1804. The text now fits in the buttons.

    However, when I tested this change with MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL="Disable" on Windows Installer 5.0.7600.16385 and Windows 7 Professional x64 RTM, I got the Windows Installer built-in FilesInUse dialog, rather than the one in the Dialog table. And the built-in dialog displayed "Yritä uudelleen" in the Retry button. Because the built-in UI uses that translation, it would be consistent to keep using that in WixUI as well, and resize the buttons accordingly.

  • turha

    turha - 2012-02-28

    I see this was changed to Pending/Fixed, and WiX 3.6.2627.0 now has this in history.txt:

    BobArnson: Add <Control> to .wxl schema: Override size, location, and text of MSI UI controls.

    In that version, src\wix\Xsd\wixloc.xsd now defines the Control element, and src\wix\Localization.cs defines class LocalizedControl. However, src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib\WixUI_fi-FI.wxl still uses "Yritä uudelleen" and does not yet contain Control elements, and the buttons in src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib\ErrorDlg.wxs still have Width="56" and Height="17".

    Can you clarify whether you intend to change WiX so that the text will fit out of the box, or whether I'll have to explicitly resize the controls in each product that uses the Finnish localization of WixUI?

  • Bob Arnson

    Bob Arnson - 2012-02-28

    The fix for WixUI_fi-FI.wxl is checked in for the next weekly release.


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