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Safarp 0.5 released

Safarp 0.5 has been released. Here is the change log :

+ added support for Windows Installer quiet and repair options
+ added "Frequency of use" and "Date last used" columns
+ columns are now configurable
+ the list can now be sorted by Program, Publisher, Size, Frequency of use and Date last used
* better search field changes handling
- the "Version" column was removed as it wasn't very useful. The Program's version is still displayed in the Details panel.

Note: This release was compiled with Visual C++ 6.0. As a result, the msvcp71.dll file is not required anymore. The required file is now msvcp60.dll, which is included with the OSes supported by Safarp. Moreover, the exe size is smaller :)

Posted by Romain Vallet 2005-08-08

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