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x10dev version 2

wish-2 has been renamed x10dev2 to reflect that the drivers are to implement x10 devices in a system.

Version 2.0 has been written to compile with kernel 2.4 and 2.6 and now utilizes userspace drivers to communicate with the transceivers. The advantage of this approach is that it relies on the kernel devices for communications (serial ports and USB interfaces) to provide better stability for the drivers and system. The state machine now runs in user space where it can be killed and restarted without losing the connection to the kernel devices. ... read more

Posted by Scott Hiles 2004-06-21

x10dev version 1.6.11

x10dev version 1.6.11 is the last implementation of the first generation of the x10dev interface. This set of device drivers for Linux kernel 2.4 creates a /dev interface to manage an x10 network. The significant difference in version 1.x and 2.x is that version 1.x has built in drivers for USB and serial devices to compensate for a lack of USB functionality in kernel version 2.4. If you are using a serial x10 transceiver or Linux kernel 2.6.7 or higher, the x10dev2 drivers will be the better choice. Use the 1.x series if you want to use the PowerLinc USB with a 2.4 kernel.

Posted by Scott Hiles 2004-02-08

x10web Version 1.5.3 released

x10web (previously known as wishweb) is a package of java clients that can talk to a server running x10dev to provide WEB based control of an X10 network. The client can run as a standalone application or as a WEB client. The package includes a socket server for the X10 server, the Java source code, the precompiled Java archive, and the necessary .html pages to load the client with Internet Explorer. These java clients require x10dev to be installed and operating.

Posted by Scott Hiles 2003-02-20

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