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Wired release 0.7.0

Wired 0.7.0 has been released.
On the developer side, the release process has been improved, therefore, we will be able to put out a new version more regularily.
On the user side, meanwhile a lot of compilation errors have been solved, every single feature has been reactivated (no matter its functionning state).
More than ever we are looking for user feedback, packagers and translators involvement. User forums and the wired-packagers mailing-list on sourceforge are still there.

Posted by Louis Carrese 2009-04-08

New release v0.6

+ New wizard, or should I say _now_ there's a wizard ;) with a "recent project list" ; the max number of recent project isn't yet added to the settings window but you can set it in ~/.wired/wired.conf : in the [Recent] group (created at first launch) "max_recent=". Defaults to 20.
+ Saving now works for the BeatBox and the Wired Sampler (rest of plugins coming soon)
+ Midi files can now be loaded on AMD64 (and hopefully on all 64bits platforms).
+ Saving of midi pattern created with a midi keyboard (and the wired sampler) to a .mid file ; though it may not be useful anywhere else than in wired.
Also, when changing something in the settings, all plugins are removed with no warning... Sorry about that : this way, the restart of audio doesn't crash wired anymore when there are plugins in the rack panel.
This may change when the plugin API is rethought... *But*, midi devices are saved so now you can use a midi keyboard with an existing wired session.... read more

Posted by DAGORN Alexandre 2007-12-05

Wired 0.5

We release the 0.5 version with Win32 port.
Some bugs have been fixed (check the ChangeLog). We hope that the next release will give you Automation and Midi full support (We are working on it).
Please give us feedback about the Win32 port and we will give you a beautiful installer when Wired on Windows will be bug free ;)

Stay tuned =)

Posted by Yoann Barillon 2007-06-29


Wired-0.4 has been released !
There are small evolutions since the 0.4alpha but a really changing one is expected as a 0.5. We first thought about releasing the 0.5 as a 0.4 but things got complicated and won't be able to release it on time.
So enjoy this release and try out the upcoming 0.5alpha as soon as it is available!

Posted by Louis Carrese 2007-02-06


A 0.4 alpha version has just been released.
It is still in an alpha state and some bugs have to be corrected but we felt necessary to show you the progress made these days.
A lot have been done on stability and user friendliness. The rack view is now fully functional and you can play with the drag'n'drop without fear of a crash.
Saving patches is now possible for the plugins and the Media Library.
The Sequencer is now completely usable with drag'n'drop and copy/paste of almost everything.... read more

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-11-20


Wired 0.3.1 has just been released. It comes really close to the 0.3 as we had to take into account some user feedback (and we thank you for that !).
Binary packages are now a reality. We provide a .deb one, but please, feel free to suscribe to the wired-packagers mailing list.
We also support internationalization. Available languages are English, French, Italian and Chinese. You'll find an howto in the documentation section of our website if you want to contribute on this point.
Check the Changelog to see all the improvements, a roadmap is coming, with the next objectives.... read more

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-09-24

wired-packagers mailing list

A new mailing list has been created for those who want to help releasing binary packages of Wired.
As next release should come soon, please apply quickly if you're interested.

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-06-19

New website, irc chan

A new website has been set up. You can find it at http://wired.sf.net . The main goal of this website is to provide an user-oriented interface. Development issues will still be dealt here, on SourceForge.
Additionally, all the developpers are on the #wired-devel IRC channel, on Freenode. Feel free to come and visit us. As Wired grows, we are more and more relying on user experience, feedback and suggestions.

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-06-10


Wired-0.2.2 has just been released !
Try it right now by browsing to the downloads section.

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-05-18

wired-0.2.1 -- wired-libs-0.2

We just released a minor version that fixes bugs making wired almost unusable and a pack of libraries. Those libraries versions are known to work so please use them as much as possible.

Feel free to use Wired and help us improve it.

Posted by Louis Carrese 2006-04-11

Debian binaries available !

As we promised, binaries wil become available, and as a first try, you can now use this mirror :
http://wired.is.free.fr/debian (unstable/main) to get Wired without compiling anything !
The portaudio build is known to be buggy (cf forums) but we're working on it.


Posted by Pierre-Jean Leger 2006-03-22

SVN migration

With the release of the 0.2 version, we've decided to switch from CVS to Subversion.
So CVS will stay at its current state, which is 0.2, and subversion access is now open for all who wants :-)

Posted by Pierre-Jean Leger 2006-03-18

Wired 0.2 released

After some times of (hard) work, Wired 0.2 is finally out !

Please see the changelog for more details.

Posted by Pierre-Jean Leger 2006-03-18

Wired-libs release

Due to the increasing number of librairies needed by Wired, we are pleased to announce a new package, wired-libs, wich intends to make Wired installation process easier, by providing all those librairies in an all-in-one/easy to install file.
Librairies sources are provided with a friendly-user script.
Two versions are available, one including wxGTK and the other one not.

Posted by Pierre-Jean Leger 2005-09-22